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We have been fortunate enough to have visited The city of Vaughan on a number of occasions. Like Markham, it is a rapidly growing area in the GTA and is getting to be an extremely popular alternative to the downtown Toronto.

When we went looking for local Vaughan web design companies or freelancers to connect with, we were surprised to learn that there weren’t as many as we had expected. There are lots of companies located in Toronto that serve Vaughan and other parts of the GTA but not nearly as many out in Vaughan. Don’t get us wrong, there are some great local web design firms in Vaughan, but not even close to the amount we were expecting considering the proximity to Toronto.

Here are some of the companies we’ve connected with:

Vaughan Web Design Inc

Lets start with the company with the most creative name. Although their name goes a long way in ranking well in search engines – and that they do. They certainly know what they are doing with their services such as SEO and Internet marketing. Although their website leaves a bit to be desired, they seem to have a great reputation.

They specialize in Restaurant web design but offer the service to all businesses. I think they’ve done well to carve out a nice little niche like Restaurants for them. If you’re looking for a great local Vaughan web design company that is willing to meet your needs and budget this is a great choice.

Syndakit Media Corp

This company is headquartered in the Vaughan area and serves a lot of the surrounding areas. In addition to the GTA office, they also have a presence in Montreal and are a very reliable company. They offer the typical design and development services, but in addition to these they also offer online lead gen in the Toronto area. This really excites us as we believe it is the way local online marketing is moving. Although they don’t have any pricing listed, if you give them a ring or drop them a line they’ll be able to work within your budget and needs.

We promise to add to this list in the near future – we know that two companies is not a lot to compare, but we wanted to hear back from the other companies we reached out to in order to give you the best info possible. Just fill out the form to the right and we can arrange a meeting with one of these great companies.

If you’re a local Vaughan web design company or freelancer and want to be featured here, let us know! We’ll be happy to chat and connect and get you listed.

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