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There are some amazing Vancouver web design companies to choose from for your next web design project. Vancouver is one of Canada’s largest cities with over two million people and a number of Universities. This makes for a very competitive web design industry and a lot of choices for you as a potential client looking for the best designer and developer for your project. If you are in the market for finding a Vancouver web design company, please fill out the form to the right and we will help match your needs with the best person or company.

We understand how competitive the industry is in Vancouver and so we’ve taken some time to review some of the design companies in the area.

Aroma Web Design and Branding

Aroma seems to concentrate on a few select areas – corporate branding, web design, and search engine optimization or Internet marketing. Although they offer custom development and ongoing maintenance, it’s their creative services that seem to be their focus. They are a fairly small company with a team of five, but they are very well qualified and have an excellent portfolio to back their services. Although they don’t list any prices, they do have free consultations to don’t be afraid to reach out and chat with them.

Graphically Speaking

The one thing we really loved about this company is the name. They offer very similar services as the above company, Aroma, focusing on design and development, custom programming, and Internet marketing. They have a ton of sites and projects within their portfolio, which they separate by sites under and over $10,000. That gives you an idea of the range and quality of web design projects they have been involved with.

Maple Web

We were quite impressed with Maple Web’s web design services but their Internet marketing and SEO packages left a bad taste in our mouth. This is because their SEO packages are almost certainly outsourced judging by the package they have listed on their site. This isn’t an uncommon practice, but when you’re paying a local company to do quality work, you want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

Their portfolio is pretty diverse and they have some great graphic design work to compliment their web design.

There are likely hundreds of qualified Vancouver web design companies and freelancers that may be suitable for your next project. Take some time and let us know about your website needs and we can help cut through the confusion and find you the best match for the job.

If you’re a Vancouver web designer or agency, please contact us to tell us about yourself – we are always looking to connect with designers in the area.

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