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Ottawa is a wonderful city and our Nation’s Capital. Needless to say with a population of close to a million, it has quite a booming web design industry. Similar to cities like Edmonton and Toronto, you are able to find a wide variety of services and price points within the large amount of potential Ottawa web design agencies.

Choosing the best Ottawa web design solution for your needs can be a bit tricky with all the options available to you. Do you need a customized design or would a template-based website work just as well? Do you need a new identity created or are you simply looking for a business website solution. These are some of the things you need to think about before you get too far into choosing an Ottawa web design company to work with. If you are struggling with finding the right company, or simply want some of our suggestions, use the form on the right to send us as much information as possible and we’ll match your project with the best designer for the job.

We also wanted to quickly review a few of the Ottawa web design companies that we have been in contact with.

Atomic Motion

Atomic Motion was founded in 1999 and has a lot of experience building and managing some of the largest websites in North America. They have custom built their own content management system on which all of their design work is done. Without having seen their CMS, I’m going to assume that it’s very well built judging by their portfolio and work references. That said, if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on a new site, it might not be the solution for you – especially since not many other designers will be able to easily develop within it.

That said, these guys certainly know what they are doing and seem to have built a successful team of web design professionals.

Envision Online

Interestingly, another Ottawa web design company that has their own Content Management System. This boutique style web design company was started by Todd Jamieson, a natural when it comes to online marketing and creative strategy. Envision Online does not have a one size fits all approach to designing and developing websites. Their tailor each project depending on the wants and needs of the client.

There are hundreds of other web design companies in Ottawa that didn’t make this review list. If you’re one of them let us know and we’d be happy to have a chat with you. We are in the process of adding additional companies to our database of designers to match with potential clients. If you’re interested get in touch.

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