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Niagara Falls is a wonderful city. I had the opportunity to spend a decent amount of time there this summer and enjoyed it very much. Being there for business-related activities I realized that the Niagara Falls web design scene was not as intense as surrounding cities. Although there are plenty of Niagara Falls web design companies and individual freelancers, there does not seem to be the same amount of competition as in other areas surrounding Toronto.

Whether you are looking for a full service company offering print and web design, or simply want a new website setup as quickly as possible, we can help you find the best Niagara Falls web design solution for your next project. Fill in the form in the sidebar and we will get started for you completely free.

We wanted to take some time to introduce a few of the highlights when it comes to web design companies in Niagara Falls.

Danima Creative Group

Danima has been around since 1998 – that’s a dinosaur in web design and development company time – and they have certainly kept up with industry standards. Their prices are fairly competitive, with a simple 8-page website development starting at $1500. However, they have all sort of add-on options and value added services.

Digital Soul

We weren’t too excited about this company when we first landed on their website – a design company with a website from the late 90s doesn’t scream sign me up. However, their client designs are okay. If you are looking for a quality budget website design, these guys seem like a good option. We weren’t able to find any information on the owner at all, and although they have entries in their portfolio, we weren’t able to find any testimonials or references.


Tenpine, lead by Myles Calvert, is a boutique-style Niagara Falls web design company that offers all the essentials surrounding design and development – such as web hosting and search engine optimization. They service communities surrounding Niagara Falls including Welland, Fort Erie, St. Catharines, and Toronto.

There are many other great Niagara Falls web design companies that we haven’t mentioned (and likely just as many not-so-great ones too). If you have had a good or bad experience with a company and would like to share please send it along. Also, if you’re a design firm or freelancer in the area and want to be listed send us an email as well.

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