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Charlottetown is a city that I absolutely love to visit. I used to make my way to PEI at least once every summer as a place to escape from the hustle of every day life. Don’t let that fool you about how great the local Charlottetown web design companies are though, as there is a lot of talent hidden away over here. If you’re looking to hire a designer company or freelancer fill out for form on the right and we will help connect you with the best solution.

Here are a few of the local Charlottetown web design companies and agency in the area that are worth checking out:

Creative Control

Excellent site and excellent service – these guys focus on creating awesome websites and help their clients promoting them and getting them found online. This is very important for any website owner – it’s tough to spend a lot of money on a new website and not see any traffic.

Their website says they are not accepting new clients until 2012 – so we aren’t sure if they just haven’t updated that in a while or if they are currently booked for new projects. If you’re looking for a good value site and promotion definitely check these guys out.


Freshmedia was featured at the Atlantic Internet Marketing conference and won the award for best social media campaign. They are currently redesigning their site as of the time I’m writing this so the information is hard to gather and quite limited. We were able to take a peek at their portfolio however, and wow – they definitely produce some awesome work.

If you’re a small business owner looking for a cheap website solution, this Charlottetown web design agency probably isn’t your best choice, but if you have some money to spend definitely check them out.

Web Site Advantage

These guys are a great budget web design solution if you’re looking to get a great looking website up and running without breaking the bank. They don’t appear to develop on a content management system however, so you may end up paying a monthly fee in order to have them maintain your website.

Are you a local designer and want to connect with us and join the community? Send us an email and tell us about yourself – we love hearing from other designers and developers across Canada.

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