Calgary Web Design Companies

The city of Calgary is another one of those very competitive market places when it comes to web design. There are hundreds of Calgary web design companies that offer solutions to a variety of clients. Whether you are looking for a one page simple website or wanting to rebrand and create an entire new identity along side the website, there is a solution for you in Calgary.

Weeding through Calgary web design companies to find the good ones can be a challenge, especially when you are on a budget and looking to get the best bang for your buck. If you are starting a new design or web development project please fill out the form to the right and we will find you the best company for the job.

Media Eye Studios

This Calgary design studio, run by Che Borden, is a high quality web design company. It seems as though it’s a freelance operation as I do not see any other staff members listed. That said, Che has designed some excellent websites and comes highly recommended by her past clients. Although specializing in web design, she offers a wide range of services including logo design and search engine optimization and promotion.

AGUA Solutions

Here is a very niche-focused web design company in Calgary that focus on websites for entrepreneurs and solo-business owners. Their prices range from $900 to $1500 depending on your needs and the requirements of your website. They seem to focus on three main areas – web design, online marketing, and corporate branding. Prices in each category are quite affordable – something that I’m sure solo-entrepreneurs would appreciate.

Redline Interactive

This Calgary web design company is focused on simple and clear design and usability. Their website is simply a showcase of their great looking portfolio. Owned and operated by Craig Bedard, this studio seems to be a nice high end web design company.

Creative Elements by Aurelien

“Numerous people were telling me stories of their web designer who had gone missing, wasn’t willing to help them update their website, was charging them outrageous amounts of money for a low quality product, was holding onto the web files as a leverage and the list goes on.

“I was ready to offer the “real” professional service that is expected today from a web designer: knowledgeable, great listener, courteous, respectful, professional, open-minded and most of all able to turn technical concepts into simple language the client can understand!”


Instead of reviewing every Calgary web design company that we come across we are asking companies to submit their information to us if they’d like to be listed. Although we cannot list every company on this page, we do keep in close contact with as many web design companies in Calgary as we possible can, and we connect these companies with potential clients every day.

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