Brampton Web Design

Brampton is a great city when it comes to web design since most of the companies that are competing in Brampton also have to compete with most of the GTA and Toronto. Being a city with half a million people itself, there are some very creative talent in Brampton and it is one of those booming cities that form the GTA.

Lets take a look at some of the Brampton web design options if you’re looking to build out your next project.


Showcasing a good size portfolio of clients, these guys seem to be a good mid-range Bramton web design solution. Although their own website does not scream web standards, I realize that a lot of freelancers and design boutiques are quite busy with client work to focus on their own site, unfortunately. If you’re looking for a decent budget website, this certainly isn’t a bad option.

Saysons Web Design and Printing Inc

Here is a full service company that offers a lot of creative services such as design and print for logos, business cards, posters, websites, and more. They can get your business online with a new website in as little as $300 for a very basic site. They offer domain registration and hosting and look as though they keep up with industry standards, social media, and search and online marketing. They seem like a good Brampton web design company to build a nice relationship with.

Digitext Website Design

These guys are actually located in Georgetown, Ontario, but we thought it was close enough to Brampton to include them in this list. Although their website drives me absolutely crazy with whatever sound effects they tossed in there, it’s not all bad. They offer a good web design service and look to go above and beyond with video production.

One of the bad things we noticed about this company is that they are still supporting and developing in Flash. It’s 2012 guys, time to jump into HTML5 + jQuery.

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