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You don’t get much more East Coast than St John’s Newfoundland. Nor is there a better place to party across the country than on George Street. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced it.

But St John’s has a lot more to offer than parties and the smell of salt water. The St John’s web design industry is a great community that’s full of both freelancers and full-service design firms. Regarldess of where you are with your website or business, there is someone in the area that can definitely help you out. We’ve listed a few of the local companies and freelancers below. Be sure to fill out the form to the right with more information so we can best match you with a local St John’s web design company.

Blue River Media

Although we’re not a fan of the auto-start video, we have to say that Chris Herridge runs a great little St John’s web design business. His portfolio is filled with great design work and happy clients – what more can you ask for. Chris and Blue River Media has a lot of supporting services such as SEO and hosting – some of the fundamental services needed to do business online.

Good Life Web Design

Good Life Web Design bases their design package on a very similar model to the Halifax company, Grape Kiwi. Good Life has monthly packages available that include a no-upfront-fee website, you essentially only pay a monthly maintenance fee.

Although I must say I’m not sure how they are making any money or offering a high level of service if you look at what they include for as low as $30 – things like social media management and search engine optimization. Unless all they mean is setting up the accounts and doing a bit of on-site SEO I think you should definitely make sure you’re getting the level of service you need before signing up. That aside, they look like a great low-budget St John’s web design company.

KCD Creative Services

KCD is a boutique web services company that offers more than just web design. Their creatives services include copy writing for the web, logo creations, and photo management. KCD is certainly a great option if you need an all around package that includes everything needed to get a web presence up and running quickly. It’s important to note that KCD is a freelance business run by Kathleen Dwyer. That shouldn’t stop you from getting in touch with her though – it just means her prices are likely a little more flexible with lower overhead.

Are you a local St John’s web design company that’s not listed above? Send us an email and let us know and we’ll be sure to get you added.

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