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Saint John is a quaint little city in southern New Brunswick along the Bay of Fundy. I actually have a lot of family in the Saint John and surrounding area and get the opportunity to visit every summer.

Although it’s not a huge city, the Saint John web design community is still doing quite well. The local business community is being well served by the talents and experience of a lot of local designers in the area. If you are looking to connect with the best Saint John web design company for your next project, just fill in the form to the right and we’ll be happy to match you with the best fit depending on your needs.

Here are some of the local design firms that you can take a look at:

The Pulse Group

These guys are worth mentioning as they are a full-service digital agency located in Saint John. The company is quarterbacked by Mark Stevens, who is also the director of business development – if you’re looking for a great digital agency in the area make sure you get in touch with him. It’s tough to sum up exactly what The Pulse Group does other than saying they do everything. Their services range from a variety of marketing, design, programming, and even consulting services.

Evolving Solutions

These guys claim to eat sleep and breathe the web. From the minute I landed on their website I could tell they were more about helping their clients make money than simply designing pretty websites (not saying they don’t do that though). They seem to really focus on Internet marketing and generating business through their clients websites rather than just building a website and handing it over to the client.

If you’re looking to really succeed online, make sure to check them out.

Loyalist City Web Design

LCWD is a small start-up offering web design services to individuals, small and medium sized companies in the Greater Saint John Area. LCWD has strong community ties thanks to occasionally offering free designs for non-profits in Saint John and the surrounding community.

Elite GD

The one thing that we love about Elite GD is that they develop their client sites on theĀ WordPress content management system. This gives them the ability to leverage a great community of developers while keeping costs lower for their clients.

Elite GD offers a full line of web services in addition to web design and develop – including search engine optimization, social media management, and the hosting infrastructure. It’s definitely worth checking them out.

Needless to say that’s not a comprehensive list of Saint John web design companies, and if you are another local company or freelancer, make sure to get in touch so we can get you added.

We help businesses and individual looking for a website find the best developers and designers in their area. If you have an upcoming web project make sure to fill in the form on the sidebar so we can put you in touch with the best company for your needs.

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