Visiting Halifax – The Right Way

A city like Halifax makes a great vacation destination for families. Visiting Halifax is quite easy on the pocket because the city is compact, which makes it very easy, quick and affordable to explore. Interestingly, it’s large enough to offer a number of different things for people of all demographics. Here are some of things you can do while you are here:

  1. Go exploring the local history downtown

There are numerous government properties, museums and historic places to visit in downtown Halifax. Citadel Hill was founded in the year 1749. You can explore the immense fort yourself or opt for an informative, free 30-minute tour of the place. “The Noon Gun” cannon is fired every day at this place and the army museum is located on the second floor. You can visit the stately Governor’s House and the City Hall when you are in the downtown area.

  1. Halifax Public Gardens

This green oasis is also located downtown. It is a serene and scenic place where you can take a stroll or just unwind. The greenery, colorful flowers, swans and the calm atmosphere make it the perfect place for reading a book or sipping on a warm beverage.

  1. Farmer’s Market- Food & local wares

When you are visiting Halifax, this is one place you must head for. It’s located on the waterfront and open right round the year. This market has been in existence in one form or the other since 1750 and was moved to the current location in 2010. It sells varied local produce, and you will find many quaint shops that sell arts & crafts, wine, cheeses etc. The lobster hot dogs and other delicacies are to-die-for.

The waterfront and harbor areas have restaurants, entertainment, The Historic Properties and many other lovely buildings. Visiting Halifax is truly an experience worth having.



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