Different Kinds of Anxiety-Related Disorders

Anxiety disorders cause a lot of stress and hamper everyday life. People are forced to deal with constant worry and stress, which can have a big impact on their social, personal, and professional life. Anxiety disorders can be crippling, which is why it’s a good idea to get professional help for all kinds of disorders. Here’s a brief introduction to different anxiety-related problems:

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder 

GAD is a fairly common anxiety disorder. Patients experience a persistent feeling of worry or anxiety regarding different life factors. These patients can’t control or manage their worry over a long term. They’re diagnosed with GAD if symptoms persist for at least 6 months. There are few specific triggers and even something as simple as going through the day can cause anxiety. This disorder is prevalent in people of all groups though women are twice as likely to get it.

  1. Panic disorder 

Panic is often a symptom of anxiety though it can be a disorder in its own right. Patients experience an intense physical reaction breathlessness, dizziness, stress, etc. Panic attacks can also cause anxiety because patients live in fear of panic-inducing situations. These disorders usually begin in adulthood, but some children experience panic attacks at an early age.

  1. Agoraphobia

People with anxiety or panic disorders want to avoid these attacks as much as they can. Many patients don’t seek good treatment methods to help manage the attacks, choosing to avoid situations that trigger attacks. This can lead to agoraphobia, which is the fear of facing anxiety and not being able to escape. They avoid crowded spaces like malls, hotels, movie theaters, public transportation, etc, which can have a big impact on their social and personal life.

  1. Health anxiety

People with health-related anxiety constantly fear being ill or facing death. They can develop fear towards specific health conditions like cancer, heart disease, etc. This can cause a lot of anxiety, compelling patients to seek medical advice. Patents can’t control this fear and often struggle to become confident in their state of health. They tend to experience anxiety or panic attacks frequently.

  1. Social anxiety

People with social anxiety are labeled reticent or introverted, which can cause them to underestimate their levels of anxiety. Attacks happen in social situations like parties, concerts, meetings, conferences, or even a simple gathering of friends. This fear stems from being concerned about other people’s opinions or judgments. Patients with social anxiety avoid social situations as much as they can. Some try to brave these circumstances by consuming alcohol or drugs to suppress their anxiety. Therapy is the healthiest and most effective way to treat this problem.


It’s easy to dismiss anxiety disorders as a figment of the imagination. Most people don’t realize their body and mind is experiencing a trauma in this anxiety-causing situations. Proper treatment can help patients adjust and learn to manage this disorder effectively. Toronto CBT has helped many people and allowed them to live healthy, productive lives.

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